Darkside Farmers 2RRR Sunday 10 Jul 2016 – Funky Drummer Pt.1

indexDarkside Farmers 1st Show – Sunday Morning Midnight to 1am (10/6/16). Looking at a few different uses of the break from James Brown’s Funky Drummer paired with the opening horn from The Grunt by the JB’s.
James Brown – The Funky Drummer
The JB’s – The Grunt
Public Enemy – Rebel without a pause
Syndicate – Disable
Agent 24K – Fast-Forward (Auto Reverse Mix)
I.M.F. (You Piece Of Shit Hardcore Re-Armament Mix)
N.W.A – Sa Prize Part 2
Two Terrorists – M.F.
Nosferatu – No God To Us
Hedonist – Funky Drummer Timestretched with Pitchwheel, Autotune and Pitchproof
BMX Joe 17 Minute Mix
Payback – Coldcut
Beat Dis – Bomb the Bass
NWA – Quiet on tha Set
Public Enemy – Night of the living baseheads
FFF – Sweet Revenge

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