Solar Powered Synth Workshop 7th – 9th of April 2022

Ok, so the synths aren’t really solar powered at all and a Gameboy’s not a synth but please come out to Manilla (NSW) and get involved if you’re nearby. There’s loads of other workshops including art making and other sustainable/creative activities and Dr Popalotacorn will play records.

We’ll be there from the 7th – 9th of April making annoying noises, all powered by rechargeable batteries plugged into a solar setup hastily cobbled together. Thanks to everyone we bugged about rigging up solar and to Renewable Manilla for orchestrating.

Music making with Gameboys & Renoise tracking Workshops as part of ElectroFringe 18

Speedcomp Crew & Inner West Chip Music Academy present
Music making with Gameboys & Renoise tracking Workshops as part of ElectroFringe 18
At 107 Projects: 107 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016
Saturday 15th of September

Nanoloop Mono Workshop
1pm – 1:30pm
Croy Broodfood (ex-Bloody Fist) runs through the basics of using the analogue step sequencer Nanoloop Mono to create acid and techno and other monotonous sounds using the original Gameboy. Gameboys and carts provided, BYO headphones.

Intro to LSDj
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Jamie Aisjam takes you through the basics of using LSDj. The music sequencer/tracker for Gameboy and Gameboy Colour. You will learn how to create instruments and arrange patterns into a sequence in this one hour workshop. Gameboys and carts provided, BYO headphones.

Intro to Renoise (PC/Mac/Linux)
2:30pm – 3:30pm
Sean Melt Unit (Cock Rock Disco/Breakcore Give Me Wood) demonstrates the basics of creating music with the music sequencer/tracker Renoise. The workshop will walk you through producing a basic track using Renoise with an emphasis on sampling and rearranging samples from the media.

Glitch visualisation to sound workshop (PC/Mac/Linux)
3:30pm – 4pm
Abissus Void shows you the basics of creating real-time glitch visualisations synched with music using PC software. This workshop will give you an intro in to creating visualisations from Renoise and Audacity.

Darkside Farmers Sunday 17th Dec: Songs sampled by Mixrace Darkside Farmers Sunday 17th December featuring tracks sampled by Mixrace David Davies (DJ Trax) and Dev Pandya (Paradox).
1. Darkside farmers intro 11
2. Mixrace – Mixrace Outta Hand
3. Multicore – Hardfloor
4. Coming to America movie sample at 134.37 – What is going on?
4. Maestro Fresh-Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide (Instrumental)
5. Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce – Its my Beat – Sweet Tee (Accapella)
6. The Real Roxanne – Bang Zoom (Let’s Go-Go)
7. Mixrace – Dance With The Devil
8. The D.O.C. – Whirlwind Pyramid
9. Jungle Brothers – On the Run
10. Sly & The Family Stone – Loose Booty
11. Beastie Boys – Shadrach
12. Willesden Dodgers – Jive Rhythm Trax
13. Geto Boys – Chuckie
14. Run-D.M.C. – Peter Piper
15. Chubb Rock – Just The Two Of Us
16. Albert King – Cold Feet
17. Chic – Good Times
18. Mista Sinista – Good Times
19. Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce – Its my Beat – Sweet Tee

Darkside Farmers Sunday 5th Nov: UFO by ESG Samples
Darkside Farmers Sunday 5th November featuring tracks that sample UFO by ESG (Emerald Sapphire and Gold)
1. UFO – ESG (download the sample)
2. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
3. Tone Loc – Cuttin’ Rhythms
4. Kool Moe D – I’m Blowin’ Up
5. Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’
6. Beastie Boys – Puttin Shame In Your Game
7. Stezo – It’s My Turn
8. Tim Dog – Can’t Fuck Around
9. Paris – I Call Him Mad
10. Nice & Smooth – Dope Not Hype
11. 3rd Bass – Triple Stage Darkness
12. EPMD – For My People
13. DJ Edge – FL IT
14. Nasenbluten – I Don’t Fuck Around

Darkside Farmers Sunday 11th Nov 2017: Soul Searchers Samples
Darkside Farmers Sunday 11th Nov 2017, show featuring Soul Searchers Samples from Blow Your Whistle, Funk to the Folks, Bustin’ Loose etc. Breaks to download in the track list.
Darkside Farmers Intro 11
The Soul Searchers – Blow Your Whistle
Craig G – Swiftness
Def Jef – Droppin’ Rhymes On Drums
MC Shan – Kill that noise
Public Enemy – Who Stole The Soul
The Soul Searchers – Funk To The Folks
Dilated Peoples – Who’s Who
T.D.S. Mob – Dope For The Folks
Ice Cube – The Bomb
Duke Williams and The Extremes – Chinese Chicken (download the break)
Grand Master Flash – Cold In Effect
Soul Searchers – Think (download the break)
Herbaliser – Bust A Nut
Soul Searchers -Bustin’ Loose
Steady B – Get Physical
Nelly – Hot In Here
Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers – Searching For Soul Part 1 (download the break)
Percee p – Legendary lyricist (feat. madlib)
Community Service Announcements

Darkside Farmers Sunday 20th Aug 2017: Pulp Fiction Samples
Darkside Farmers Sunday 20th Aug 2017: Pulp Fiction Samples
1. DJ Flash – Pulp Fact
2. Tripwire – No Problem
3. GT & Paul Ibiza – Pulp Fiction (Mix 1)
4. The Dentist – Pulp Fiction (Rotterdam Mix)
5. Diplomat – The Screamer
6. Rave Maniacs – Throw Down The Beat
7. Neophyte – Execute
8. DJ Skinhead – Mutha Fucka Remix (Strychnine)
9. DJ Freak & Porridge Gun – Revenge
10. Jade – Pump Friction
11. GT & Paul Ibiza – Pulp Fiction (Mix 3) (Intro only)