Darkside Farmers Sun 12th Feb 2017 – Cerrone’s Rocket in the Pocket

Darkside Farmers: Sunday 12th Feb 2017 –
Songs sampling Cerrone’s Rocket in the Pocket…
Cassetteboy – Darkside Farmers (edit)
De La Soul-Cool Breeze on the Rocks
Big Daddy Kane – Put Your Weight On It
Steinski – The Motorcade Sped On
MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
Mantronix – Do You Like… Mantronik (?)
LL Cool J – Rock The Bells
Malcolm McLaren – World’s Famous
Beastie Boys – Paul Revere
MF Doom – Red #40
Hellfish – Turntable Savage
Atari Teenage Riot – 10 death of a president D.I.Y.!
Turntable Mix (Freestyle Mix) – Grandmaster Flash
Coldcut – Doctorin’ The House sampled by the Spreedfreak in…
The Speedfreak – Plastic freaks

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