Darkside Farmers Sunday 2nd July 2017: Songs that samples the Aliens movies

Special Guest EVYLZ came in to play tracks that sample to Aliens movies and soundtracks
Jerry Goldsmith – Hypersleep
Aphrodite – Dub Moods (Super Dub Mix)
B-Key – Intruder
Acucrack – Prison Without Walls
Limewax & Spl – Spirits (VIP)
Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM – First Day of Class
Tango – Can’t Stop the Rush
John Frizzell – The Chapel
Dom & Roland – Trauma
Frontline Assembly – Retribution
Audio – Sector 9
Disturbance – Under Attack

Darkside Farmers Sunday 18th June 2017: Blowfly’s Sesame Street breakbeat

DSF show looking at songs that sample the breakbeat from Blowfy’s Sesame Street.
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune (Original Mix)
Blowfly – Sesame Street
Ultimate Force – Supreme Diamond D
Dj Trace – Love Dove Sound
Luke Vibert – Don’t Fuck Around
Nebula – Sound Barriers
FFF – Gaze Out
DJ Fokus – Vexxed
DJ Fokus – Chill Out
DJ Strength – Papa Lover (Tim Reaper Remix)
M-Beat Feat. General Levy – Incredible
Ed Rush – West Side Sax
Nolige – Sekkle VIP

Darkside Farmers Sunday 14th March 2017: Akira (1988 film)

DSF show looking at tracks that have sampled the 1988 Anime classic Akira and the soundtrack by Geinoh Yamashirogumi.
Darskside Farmers – Intro 10
Potential Bad Boy – Capsules
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Requiem (Akira Soundtrack)
Spor – kaori (sampling Requiem)
Atari Teenage Riot – Into The Death
Speedfreak – Hazardzone
iTAL tEK – Solar Sail (sampling Dolls’ Polyphony)
Blank Banshee – Metamaterial (sampling Dolls’ Polyphony)
Sonic Subjunkies- 12.000 RPMs
Shizuos Sweat – Stop It Side
DHC MEINHOF – Anarchist Revolution!!!
DHC MEINHOF – Band Of Murderers
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Winds Over Neo-Tokyo (Akira Soundtrack)
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Tetsuo (Akira Soundtrack)
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Battle Against Clown (Akira Soundtrack)

Darkside Farmers Sunday 14th March 2017: Agent 24k

DSF show looking at tracks that have been produced and sampled by Agent 24k (Boogie Beat Records)
Darskside Farmers – Intro 9 & Cassette Boy – Darkside Farmers (edit)
Dionne Warwick – Walk On By
Agent 24K – Walk on by
Undisputed Truth – Walk on by
J Dilla – Walkinonit
General Levy – Heat
Anorganik – Heatmix.mod
Agent 24K – Heat
Baby D – Daydreaming (Acenhallucination)
Agent 24k – Velociraptor
Amityville The Evil Escapes (1989) at 19:42
Agent 24k – Keep Moving
Eric B & Rakim – Follow the leader (acapella) at 2:05
Stoppit & Tidyup – Episode 1 – Beequiet And Beehave
Agent 24K – Fast Forward
Secret Squirrel –  Tidy Up
Agent 24K – Interference
Daddy Freddy – Live Jam (Sampled in Agent 24k’s Respect London on London Massive EP)

Darkside Farmers Sunday 19th March 2017: Reese Bass

Songs that use the bass sample from Just Want Another Chance by Reese Project (Kevin Saunderson)
Darkside Farmers – Cassette Boy  (edit)
The Reese Bass – Kevin Saunderson (My Story 05)
Renegade – Terrorist (PA Mix)
Nightporter – Japan
Jah Shaka – Verse 1 from Commandments of Dub
Renegade – Terrorist (Hedonist Remake)
Renegade – Terrorist (Dom & Roland remix)
Guncheck – Ed Rush
Black – DJ SS
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs
Born In A System – Marvin Blue
Gangster Tune – Vocoda
Semi Automatic – Vocoda
Havok & Disorder – Sensi Killa

Darkside Farmers Sunday 5th March 2017: Guest Programmer Dr Popalotacorn

Doc Popalotacorn supplied us with this list of songs, some containing sections where the drums can be sampled etc
Cassette Boy – Darkside Farmers
Les Lutins – la junglomanie
Lalo Schifrin – Scorpio’s View
The Ogyatanaa Show Band – Ageisheka
Poly-Rythmo  – Iya Me Dji Ki Bi Ni
Eddi Warner – Brutus Drums
Barclay – The Voodou Juju Drug part 1
Serge Gainsbourg – La horse (bonus beats)
Ramsey Lewis – jade east
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Feed-Back
Richard Hayman – The Windmills of Your Mind
Afrique – House of the rising funk
Selda – yaz gazeteci yaz
Asha Bhosle – Dum Maro Dum
The Rivingtons – Pop Your Corn
Shamaizadeh – Hard Groove
Bandes originales des films de Robert Enrico – le vieux fusil

Darkside Farmers Sunday 26th Feb 2017: King Crimson Samples

Darkside Farmers Sunday 26th Feb 2017: King Crimson Samples:
Cassette Boy – Darkside Farmers
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man
4D – Joke
Kanye West – Power
King Crimson – Moonchild
Chinese Man – Intro
Doves – M62 Song
Re-Drum – Time
King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King
Pharoahe Monch – The Grand Illusion (Circa 1973) (Feat. Citizen Cope)
MF Grimm – Traveling
King Crimson – Sleepless
King Crimson – Indiscipline
King Crimson – The Night Watch
King Crimson – Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two
King Crimson – Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With

Darkside Farmers Sun 19th Feb 2017: Dennis Coffey – Scorpio

Darkside Farmers Sunday 19th Feb 2017: 
Songs sampling Dennis Coffey’s Scorpio
1. Cassetteboy – Darkside Farmers (edit)
2. Dennis Coffey & Detroit Guitar Band – Scorpio
3. Lord Finesse & Dj Mike Smooth – Keep It Flowing
4. Tuff Crew – Open Field Attack
5. Cookie Crew – Yo! What’s Up
6. Queen Latifah – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children
7. Geto Boyz – Do It Like A G.O
8. Hedonist- Bust a Move (Bomb Remake)
9. Divine Styler – Play it for Divine
10. LL Cool J – Jingling Baby
11. Run DMC – Word is Born
12. Secret Squirrel
13. Prodigy – Ruff in the jungle bizness (something vibes remix)
14. Ron Tom – Give me da weed
15. I forget the rest…

Darkside Farmers Sun 12th Feb 2017 – Cerrone’s Rocket in the Pocket

Darkside Farmers: Sunday 12th Feb 2017 –
Songs sampling Cerrone’s Rocket in the Pocket…
Cassetteboy – Darkside Farmers (edit)
De La Soul-Cool Breeze on the Rocks
Big Daddy Kane – Put Your Weight On It
Steinski – The Motorcade Sped On
MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
Mantronix – Do You Like… Mantronik (?)
LL Cool J – Rock The Bells
Malcolm McLaren – World’s Famous
Beastie Boys – Paul Revere
MF Doom – Red #40
Hellfish – Turntable Savage
Atari Teenage Riot – 10 death of a president D.I.Y.!
Turntable Mix (Freestyle Mix) – Grandmaster Flash
Coldcut – Doctorin’ The House sampled by the Spreedfreak in…
The Speedfreak – Plastic freaks

Darkside Farmers Sunday 5th Feb 2017 – King of Rock

Song’s sampling Run DMC’s King of Rock and a bit of a sample chain linking DMS’ Vengeance to Xylocaine’s Igloo Terror
Cassetteboy – Darkside Farmers (edit)
Run DMC – Kings of Rock
Z-Trip – Rockstar
Telurian – I Won’t Stop Rocking
DMS – Vengeance
KC & The Sunshine Band – Let Go (Part 2)
Xylocaine – Igloo Terror (bit too loud at the start sorry)
Run DMC – Down With The King
Nasty Django – King of FFM
Undercover Anarchist – Kingdom
Hardcore Fiends – Rock
Easy-E – Radio
Run DMC – Old Skool Mix (DJ Cash Money)